Nordic Pattern & Handmade Cozy Woolen Socks for Winters

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Slouchy Socks | Nordic Pattern & Handmade Cozy Wollen Socks/Leg Warmers for Winters | Pure Wool Socks Fleece

Material: 80 % Acrylic & 20 % Nylon Blend

– Smug fit and extra warmth for cold feet
– Long Lasting and Retained Shape
– Gentle on Skin, No Rubbing or Chaffing
– Easy Care and Washing

– Purely Hand Knitted
– Seamless design knitted on 4 needles
– Repels moisture away from skin
– Retains heat
– Abrasion Resistant
– Wrinkle Resistant


Purely Hand knitted Vintage/ Retro men/women unisex socks
In this category of winter socks, we have vintage designs inspired by the legacy of mountain artisans. These beautiful winter socks are hand knitted in vibrant colors with geometric motifs. The assorted amalgamation of designs and hues makes these cozy socks idiosyncratic piece of art. Yes, you are correct no twin pairs! Flaunt your look by carrying these unique pair of socks with any winter dress to stay warm indoor as well as outdoor.

Let’s Know more about these Vintage Socks: 

1. Seamless Design- These special pair of winter socks have been knitted on four needles make them soft and gentle on skin and are seamless so no chafing and rubbing on the skin.

2. Snug Fit and Moisture wicking– The design and knitting of these socks make them comfortable to wear and fiber adds the quality of drawing the moisture away from skin and keeps you dry and gives extra warmth.

3. Durable –Nylon Blended yarn is very strong, versatile, hard-wearing fiber adds in these winter socks stretch and improves durability.

4. No itching- best quality yarn used to make these calf length socks make them itch free without compromising the warmth of wool.

Material: 80 % Acrylic & 20 % Nylon Blend

Washing Care: 
– Machine easy wash with mild detergent in cold water.
– Do not tumble dry.
– Lay flat to dry.
– Do not Iron.
– Do not wring.

US Men- 7,8,9,10
US Women- 5, 6,7,8,9,10,11

These are purely handmade socks made by artisans the beauty of these socks lies in the fact that no two pair of socks are identical in design and color combinations may also vary.

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Sock Size

Men 7 US Adult Sock, Men 8 US Adult Sock, Men 9 US Adult Sock, Men 10 US Adult Sock, Women 5 US Adult Sock, Women 6 US Adult Sock, Women 7 US Adult Sock, Women 8 US Adult Sock, Women 9 US Adult Sock, Women 10 US Adult Sock, Women 11 US Adult Sock