Yoga blanket or Yoga shawl Meditation Shawl

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Yoga blanket or Yoga shawl Meditation Shawl or Mediation Blanket wool shawl or wool wrap yoga blanket or yoga shawl oversized scarf/stole.

Materials: Pure Wool




Upgrade your wardrobe with this preeminent winter fashion accessory to complement your winter looks this season. Transform any winter dress by just adding this elegant wool scarf into an outfit. Uniqshoppers brings you a beautiful piece of art from the heart of real artisanship. This unique winter shawls crafted in pure sheep wool and are handwoven.
Pure wool shawls have been famous for its geometrical patterns and vibrant colors. Besides geometrical designs, the shawls are also woven in floral designs, which may run all over the length, on the corners or on the borders only. Each motif may have one to eight colors. Conventionally, bright colors like red, yellow, magenta, green, orange, blue, black and white were used for patterning and white, black and natural grey or brown were used as the base in these shawls. But in the present times pastel colors are replacing these bright colors.

Let’s know more about these winter wraps:
1. Crafted in pure wool- The base of this sophisticated shawl is crafted in 100 % sheep wool and the vibrant colors of acrylic yarn is used for making the patterns to create the contrast.
2. Purely hand woven- This modish winter scarf is the hand creation of highly diligent craftsmen who have been doing the same work since decades.
3. Traditional Geometric hand Embroidery- This conventional motif is the influence of central Asian artisans where one to 10 colors are aesthetically united to from the pattern. If the design appears same on both sides of the woven shawl, proves the authenticity of these shawls.
4. Unique Textured Finish- Wool shawls have been rendered distinctive finish to help retain more warmth.
5. Light weighted, very soft and warm- Despite of crafted in pure wool these shawls are ultra-fine and very easy to carry and keeps you warm on a chilly day.


Washing Care
1. Gentle hand wash or machine wash in cold water.
2. Do not Tumble dry.
3. Use mild detergents to wash.
4. Do not twist or wring the shawl.