About Uniqshoppers

We offer Real Plus size Thigh High Socks for Plus Size Juicy Thighs, Kids Leggings and Handmade Winter Accessories for Women and Man to Stay Warm & Cozy while Keeping your Style up. Unlike, other Clothing Brands we Support Self-made Families for every Product you buy!


Seeing how receiving handmade products excited our community let us know that we could both give artisans the proper gratitude and compensation they deserve and provide customers with a an exceptionally unique product which they can treasure for years after. Here at UNIQSHOPPERS, we like to think that we not only knit articles, but we are also knitting a family, and each time a customer receives one of our handmade products they are welcomed into this vast family with members all around the world, connected by their love of knitting.

Our Guiding Principles

Customer Centricity: Our customers are everything to us. They inspire us to put in the work and go the extra mile to create handmade products that are the highest quality of their type in the world.

Collaboration: Through collaboration with the best artisans in the world, we let their skillfulness shine through in our one-of-a-kind products.

Value: UNIQSHOPPERS always works directly with manufacturers and artisans with no intermediate stakeholders. This allows us to provide the best value for the money to the full satisfaction of all our customers, direct from the source. We guarantee both best price and best quality.

Sustainability: Sustainability lies at the heart of everything we do. We are aware that many sustainable options are not accessible to a majority of the world’s population, so we insist on offering fashion solutions that are both cost effective and environmentally friendly.